Hall chairs! We are delighted to announce that we have been awarded a grant from the East Youlstone Wind Farm Fund to purchase new chairs. These are on order & will arrive soon.

Horticultural Show Saturday August 4th

Report here

Photos from James Hill

  Christmas Salamundi info:


"Then came the community into the Halls, each person and family to feast the Jollity and the newborn Joy of Christmastide. And the good wives and their men also brought dishes. Thev brought great platters and  small boards and woven plates if such food as they made with care . . . of pie and bread and spice meat, crinkle pastry and bun and rum-pudding and flaming tart, and red pickles, and concoctions that were the given fruit of the four seasons; and sweet liquors too, very spirited . . . and there was singing the Joy of Joy reborn and there were children is voices too and a happy outcry. And each one partook according to his own  pleasure, and that pleasure was their very own Salamongundi. So each family brought on offering of some favourite dish to the feast, whatever that might be. And the supper was delirious indeed.”      John Moat

                                              Some photos from previous years

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